COVID-19 & Advertising When Times Are Tough

You’ve heard the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” ?

Tough people are the people who adapt to the changing circumstances, change their business model and prepare for the future. These are the people using this time out to prepare for the time when people come out of lock down and how differently we will do business.

If you thought Amazon would kill store based retail sales, you were wrong. Coronavirus is doing a damn fine job.

This is the time you need to change your business model to incorporate online sales and information for your prospective customers. You also need to plan. You need a long term marketing strategy that brings customers in now and keeps them coming back later.

People do have money to spend, but if they are stuck at home or told that non essential travel is out, they are going to shop with their keyboards – Online. If you are not online soon, you will miss out. With the time you have now, you can start small, test the waters and start planning for the next stage of your business growth and that’s how we can help.

Our business consultants work with businesses just like yours every day. We use a program called the 7 Steps to More Customers. We don’t give you 77 ways to get more customers and then leave you to deal. We work with you every step of the way.

The first step is to make sure you have the tools set up to sell or compete online. We know that you can build a website yourself or pay a few hundred bucks to get someone to do it for you, but you get what you pay for. If you want to set yourself up you need to start thinking professionally and not cutting corners. Start planning your online strategy – and that includes advertising on traditional media and digital platforms. Both long term branding and short term call to action campaigns to bring in customers fast.

We work with you to build a long term plan that meets your budget.

We know that business is tough at the moment, but what you have is time. So spend it with us and let’s get a plan in place for your business.

We are including content writing valued at $1650 with each website build paid before 30 June 2020. (Check with your tax agent, but your website is an asset and should be included in the instant asset write off for FY20)

You get a professional website, designed and hosted for 12 months from just $3300 or pay just $275 per month.

We’ve also halved the normal price on Facebook advertising campaigns and radio advertising.

For a free website audit to see how your website is performing right now or for more details about our Covid19 Survival packages, including a full list of website inclusions, talk to us today!